Platinium Evolution2 – evolution in functionality

Oknoplast company is not only one of the largest window manufacturers in Europe but also has over 20 years of experience in the business. It is this expertise in development of comprehensive solutions that allowed the creation of the Platinium Evolution2. Elegant, stylish and functional, this product is what makes Oknoplast one of the best in its category.

A fusion of beauty and functionality

Platinium Evolution2 is a combination of beautiful design and practical solutions. The sash in its profile is rounded to the inside. This design is copyright reserved by Oknoplast. The profile itself has six special chambers and triple glazing, which concur to its advanced energy saving properties. The whole construction is reinforced with galvanised steel of 1.75 mm thickness. Thanks to this solution, even large glazing systems have no problems with stability whatsoever.

Optimal evolution

Comfort of use and good energy-saving properties are the hallmarks of the Platinum Evolution2 window. Its elegant design, lower heating bills and a 10-year warranty make it the most optimal choice of all. You can’t go wrong with Oknoplast!