Winergetic Premium – saving in premium style

Winergetic Premium window is a premium product indeed. Made by Oknoplast, a company with over 20 years of expertise, it surely belongs to the upper shelf thanks to the solutions used in its construction. As its manufacturer proudly states it creates a “new dimension of energy efficiency”, something so very needed in products of both today and, even more so, tomorrow.

Leading technology

A profile with seven chambers from German company VEKA and an optional triple glazing make Winergetic Premium one of the best of the very best. These parameters along with optional thermal reinforcement of the frame ensure this product the perfect thermal insulation. Glass panes have only 3 mm of thickness, which allows for weight reduction of 30% in comparison to standard glass panes. Still, heat transfer coefficient is maintained at 0.8 W/m2K.

A perfect choice?

It definitely is, especially when you have a broad choice of options! For starters you can pick “invisible” Invissio hinges, through anti-burglar fittings, up to additional thermal insulation, making Winergetic Premium even warmer. This excellently insulated, elegant and modern window is surely a perfect solution for your energy-saving home.